Mark Collins has been painting professionally since 1996. His transparent watercolors are widely recognized for their abundant detail, dramatic lighting, palpable texture, and luminous color.

His respect for and love of nature are reflected in his intimate landscapes, paintings that encourage careful examination of the natural world and thoughtful stewardship of the earth. Many of his paintings depict the Appalachian Mountains and countryside surrounding his home and studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. He also enjoys painting the beguiling charm of small European villages.

To create the luminosity for which his work is praised, Collins paints exclusively in transparent watercolor. Transparent colors allow light to pass through their pigment particles, bounce off the paper's surface, and reflect back to the eye. What many people respond to in Collins' paintings is the intimacy they convey in relation to the natural world and a nostalgia evoked by the memory of such a landscape or scene.

Collins is a Signature Member of the National Watercolor Society and the Virginia Watercolor Society. His art has been published in American Artist's Watercolor magazine and in Splash 6: The Magic of Texture published by North Light Books. He recently wrote a feature article titled "Getting Close" for the November 2003 issue of The Artist's Magazine.

Watermarks - Watercolors by Mark Collins
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